Very exciting news!

Between 3 breeders we decided to import a new boy. Stud to be from Czech Republic. Still only 6m old now. He is bringing new bloodlines with new improved look for showing in our catteries and we hope he will pass this over to his kittens in the near future. He only landed in our sunny South Africa the 7th August 2015. 

As he grows and progress over time he will have a hole page for him self with any news related to shows and who he mated and whom the breeder is to contact for that particular mating. But so far his personality is amazing. He loves to be all over you and very set on giving head buds and kisses. He loves stalking toys and humans feet when you sleep. You can see he was brought up with lots of love from his breeder.   

Thank you for all who was involved:

1st. His breeder for allowing her baby to come to SA Walentina Choulíková Axisstar and trusting us to love and take care of her baby!  

2nd. Thanks for the person to hunt down every possible new leads there was on the web to find the perfect new boy! Bernice Rossouw. She is also one of the go existing breeders that will use new boy with future matings with her lovely girls. She can be contact at  

3rd. Linda Maree Busby is the other breeder on board. She showed for years and is an avid supporter for the breed Maine Coons. Naturally the next step for her is to pursue her passion.  

4th. Annie Conway for her patience to go out of her way to pickup his import permit and helping to clear him through customs on his arrival with us.     

              And the new arrival is : NÍcco De Axis Star, CZ born 25-01-2015


                                     N'Icco at home  


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