Sp Ch Royalty Koontucky Valentine (IMP) NQ

Brown Tabby-white

Born: 30-06-2007


Very sweet boy that loves to have cuddles and give head butts. He loves to take a ride on your shoulders but is sadly to big for that now. He is the proud father of many offsprings and passes his sweet nature over to his kittens and as his name imply a real lovers boy. He will be retiring soon from breeding to live his old age out as a well loved baby.

Valentine is retired from breeding and is living his well deserved old age out as a loved baby he believes he still is.

Pedigree: resources/scan0030.pdf?temp-new-window-replacement=true


 SP Ch Freddie Baccaracoon, CZ of Royalty (IMP)

Brown Tabby-white


Freddie is the father of a few litters so far. He seems to give his big long legs and overly long tail to his kittens. He loves women and still very much mamma boy at 3y old and weighing 10,3kg. He is extremely lovable and seems to pass on his good traits on to his offsprings with extra long legs to love you more.

A very special thank you to his breeder Vera for letting Freddie come to South Africa!

Watch this space how he develops in time.

Freddie have so far do exceptional good on show.   

Show results 2013 :  http://www.casawcf.com/casa-44.html


Ch Royalty Michelangelo

Date of birth: 17-02-2016 

Brown mackerel with white

This boy is bred by me from my imported lines. He is still at this stage very baby at 1y old but he started becoming active and sired his 1st litter with out my consent. Picture taken at show where he was awarded Best Medium Hair adult and he got his Champion Title.   

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